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APIEpicCompositeVisitor<(Of <(<'TResult>)>)>CompositeVisitor<(Of <(<'TResult>)>)>..::..VisitorBase

CompositeVisitor<(Of <(<'TResult>)>)>..::..VisitorBase
Base class for composable visitors.

Assembly: Epic.Prelude

Declaration Syntax
public abstract class VisitorBase : IVisitor<TResult>
All MembersConstructorsMethodsProperties  

CompositeVisitor<(Of <(<'TResult>)>)>..::..VisitorBase(CompositeVisitor<(Of <<'(TResult>)>>))
Initializes a new instance of the visitor and register it in the composition provided.
AsVisitor<(Of <<'(TExpression>)>>)(TExpression)
Returns the current instance if and only if it's able to visit target, nullNothingnullptr otherwise. It should be overridden whenever the type of target is not enough to choose whether the current instance can visit it or not.
Provides the name of the composition that own the current visitor.
ContinueVisit<(Of <<'(TExpression>)>>)(TExpression, IVisitContext)
Continues the visit of an TExpression created (or at least already visited) by the current visitor. The expression provided will be given to the next appropriate visitor in the composition (when this exists).
VisitInner<(Of <<'(TExpression>)>>)(TExpression, IVisitContext)
Visits an inner expression. This should be called to delegate the transformation to the chain for an unvisited node.
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