The Epic bards

Here we are, the creators of Epic. A small team, but really ambitious.
You can join us at the development mailing list or watch our organization's repositories at github.

Giacomo Tesio
Project Leader

Father, husband and software architect, Giacomo has a broad experience with different technologies and programming techniques. He contributed in various way to free software in different IT areas (Snort, DbLinq, Mono, MonoDevelop, PHP and so on). He is able to rapidly identify the independent variables that govern complex problems and to plan a strategy to avoid (or at least to solve) them through the use of the proper tools. He is a Debian GNU/Linux user and one of 9fans.
Giacomo ideated Epic.NET and is responsible for the overall vision.

Marco Veglio
Query & Relational Algebra

Marco is a senior software engineer, skilled in both enterprise and mobile application development. His wide analysis and coding skills allow him to undertake and solve complex issues from both requirements/design and coding perspective. Always intrigued in making new experiences and discoveries, he feels excited rather than worried when a new challenge comes up.
In Epic.NET, Marco is responsible for the relational algebra and its translation to the various SQL dialects.