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APIEpic.VisitorsEchoingVisitor<(Of <(<'TEcho>)>)>

EchoingVisitor<(Of <(<'TEcho>)>)>
Visitor that returns the TEcho that visit.
Inheritance Hierarchy
CompositeVisitor<(Of <(<'TResult>)>)>..::..VisitorBase
 EchoingVisitor<(Of <(<'TEcho>)>)>

Assembly: Epic.Prelude

Declaration Syntax
public sealed class EchoingVisitor<TEcho> : CompositeVisitor<(Of <(<'TResult>)>)>..::..VisitorBase, 
	IVisitor<TEcho, TEcho>, IVisitor<TEcho>
where TEcho : class
Generic Template Parameters
Type of the objects that this visitor will recieve and return.
This visitor is designed for syntax tree normalization and optimization. Indeed such kind of visitors both visit and returns the same type of object. Thus by registering the EchoingVisitor<(Of <(<'TEcho>)>)> as the first one in such kind of compositions all subsequent visitors will be able to transform their own nodes or to simply ContinueVisit on those node that they don't treat.
All MembersConstructors    

EchoingVisitor<(Of <(<'TEcho>)>)>(CompositeVisitorBase<(Of <<'(TEcho, TEcho>)>>))
Initializes a new instance of the EchoingVisitor<(Of <(<'TEcho>)>)> class.
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