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IEnvironment Interface
Environment of the running enterprise. It will provide informations useful for the enterprise, but not belonging to the domain. Obviously, no domain class should depend on either the environment or the tools it provide: the domain model have to be coded, not configured.

Assembly: Epic.Core

Declaration Syntax
public interface IEnvironment

The environment that host an enterprise provide a set of configured tools, options, thread values and so on. This mean that it must behave the same among all instances of any specific enterprise deployed.

For example it could provide appsettings values, the arguments used when starting the enterprise, the current thread culture, the logging services and so on.

Such abstraction is particularly useful when we need to test a software component in isolation.

All MembersMethods    

Get<(Of <<'(TObject>)>>)(InstanceName<(Of <<'(TObject>)>>))
Provide a tool or information from the enterprise environment.
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