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APIEpic.SpecificationsAny<(Of <(<'TCandidate>)>)>OfAnotherType<(Of <<'(Other>)>>)()()()()

OfAnotherType<(Of <(<'Other>)>)> Method
Return a specifications satisfied by any Other that satisfy this specification.

Assembly: Epic.Prelude

Declaration Syntax
protected override ISpecification<Other> OfAnotherType<Other>()
where Other : class
Generic Template Parameters
Either a specialization or an abstraction of TCandidate.
Return Value
A Variant<(Of <(<'FromCandidate, ToCandidate>)>)> specification if Other is an abstraction of TCandidate or a new Any<(Of <(<'TCandidate>)>)> closed on Other otherwise.
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