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APIEpic.Query.ObjectOrderCriterionBase<(Of <(<'TEntity, TOrderCriterion>)>)>Chain(OrderCriterion<(Of <<'(TEntity>)>>))

Chain Method (other)
Chain the specified OrderCriterion<(Of <(<'TEntity>)>)> to compare TEntity when they are equivalent according to the current criterion.

Assembly: Epic.Query.Object

Declaration Syntax
public override sealed OrderCriterion<TEntity> Chain(
	OrderCriterion<TEntity> other
other (OrderCriterion<(Of <(<'TEntity>)>)>)
Other order criterion to evaluate after the current one.
Return Value

[Missing <returns> documentation for "M:Epic.Query.Object.OrderCriterionBase`2.Chain(Epic.Query.Object.OrderCriterion{`0})"]

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