We are the Bards...

06 Apr 2012 » Giacomo Tesio

This is a small announcement to signal that we are still alive and we are working hard behind the scenes.

I did a deep refactor to the code base to start supporting also a new and completely different approach with repositories (without Linq). It has been inspired from a new domain that I’m implementing where the search criteria defined from the user have a huge value in the business process as they represent the customer needs. We will talk about this new step in the Epic’s road as soon as possibile (answering with the proper deep to a very smart mail from Aaron Hawkins).

But this is not the only news: we created a new github organization for the Epic project, with the hope that other architects and developers will join our adventure (Yes, I’m talking about you!). We are nerds, you know, and since the project is about Epic, we had no choice about the organization name.

A small joke has been born (who asked for a t-shirt?):

We are the bards,
we know the Metric,
we wrote the Epic
of architards.

Ok, now you have a good reason to steer clear of Epic: we are really, really nerd! :-D